One Dragon’s Dogma 2 Character Looks A Lot Like Elden Ring’s Melina

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The new Dragon's Dogma 2 reveal trailer shows a character who has a striking resemblance to Elden Ring's beloved character, Melina

The new Dragon's Dogma 2 reveal trailer shows a character who has a striking resemblance to Elden Ring Items' beloved character, Melina.

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One character within the new Dragon’s Dogma 2 reveal trailer looks strikingly much like Elden Ring’s iconic character, Melina. The similarities between your two are extremely explicit that any Elden Ring fan could notice.

The reveal trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2 was shown throughout the PlayStation Showcase that happened on May 24, 2023. The Melina-looking character turns up around twenty-five seconds into the trailer and just has in regards to a second of screen time. While only standing on the screen for a short second, it had been more than enough time for anybody to have wondered in the event that was Melina.

Is Capcom Nodding to FromSoftware's Elden Ring within the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Trailer?

Both FromSoftware’s Elden Ring and Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 are games that take place in a higher fantasy setting, so it’s much less far-fetched for just about any two characters to possess similar qualities. That being said, Melina and also the so far unnamed Dragon’s Dogma 2 character are simply too alike not to notice.

When considering the maiden, Melina, individuals will automatically recall the dark robe that they wear in each and every interaction using the player character in Elden Ring. The character within the new Dragon’s Dogma 2 trailer comes with an almost identical dark robe wrapped around their shoulders. Additionally, the characters both wear much the same styled brown and dull-colored garments under their respective robes.

What's more, these two characters have reddish hair color that sits at comparable lengths. The main difference using their hair is that Melina from Elden Ring's locks a lighter red colorization, although this character from Dragon’s Dogma 2 includes a much darker color. However, they are doing have similar textures for their hair.

With such stark similarities between your looks of those characters, one might wonder when the Dragon’s Dogma 2 trailer character was an intentional nod to FromSoftware and Elden Ring fans. Both game stories occur in epic fantasy worlds implying that there is a higher probability that many Elden Ring fans are going to be tuning directly into play Dragon’s Dogma 2, and also the inclusion of the character that’s familiar to people fans will be a treat. Like Elden Ring, the initial Dragon’s Dogma is really a highly acclaimed gaming, as well as for something on as big of the scale as that to acknowledge the while very popular, still quite a niche Soulsborne game that's Elden Ring, is for certain to generate lots of hype.

Another thing fans might wonder about is when similar characters act in-game. In Elden Ring, Melina is really a maiden that guides and aids that player character within their adventure, providing crucial upgrades and Elden Ring’s Torrent, a horse that players can ride with the Lands Between. Maybe Dragon’s Dogma 2’s character may have a similar role, enhancing the player in some manner. Given the bit of dialogue that plays over this character's appearance, it is possible that the character is going to be crucial to the storyline.

So far, it’s unclear if the red-haired character shown within the trailer is definitely an NPC or if they're some kind of player-created character. The original Dragon’s Dogma included character creation and custom followers called Pawns, so it’s fair to visualize that Dragon’s Dogma 2 will feature it as well. If they're a created Pawn or player character, this may be a glimpse into the potential obtainable in Dragon’s Dogma 2’s character customization options once the game releases. The trailer's Melina lookalike makes considering all the cheap elden ring items characters that fans could replicate in Dragon’s Dogma 2 exciting. There are extremely many interesting characters that players could recreate like Malenia, Blaidd, and perhaps even Ranni the Witch.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is within development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.