Cancel chris sky and report him on twitter.

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Cancel chris sky and report him on twitter. Lets work together to stop this controlled opposition!

We need to all get together and cancel the flaccid little man chris sky! A prolific scammer and activist that spreads lies and feeds his sheep cult followers lies daily and twists stories because he can't really read too well or understand legal documents. 

Chirs sky and jenny jugs are the worst scammers Canada has in the anti-mask, anti-vaccine movement and although I myself will never get the vaccine and DO NOT agree with any restrictions i feel the need to call out scammers like this. 

This group of "mentally unstable" cult members are going to be a short lived, and will start to fade away mid 2022. Chris sky has been kicked out of Ontario for his grifting ways already and that speaks volumes for his little cult movement and it's lack of success as of today. 

Most people now see that things are calming down with restrictions and this kind of "movement" will die quickly and the scammers that take the sheep's money are starting to being called out and seen as liars, thiefs and cheats because of all thier broken promise. Kinda of like the social media platform chris sky said he needed $10,000 for and NEVER produced....

So where is that social media platform CHRIS ???, my social media platofrm i created for almost free, $10 for the domain and i did the rest of the work my self spending many days up till 5am to get things done. Hard work and honest work gets the job done. 

So before joining a "group" like this, please do your research and look for your self who exaclty YOU are following and who YOU are supporting! 

Have a great day and i hope you enjoyed this rant and this blog. Check out the platform if you like and i am upgrading a lot next month. takes time toget things done since i am using "my own money" for this venture. 

Thanks for reading this.