Chirs Sky Is Controlled Opposition.

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Chirs Sky Is Controlled Opposition, everything he posts causes fear and everyone he "tries: to help loses their business or jobs. that is why he ran from Ontario like a little girl.

Chirs Sky Is Controlled Opposition

Everything Chris Sky posts causes fear and everyone he "tries" to help loses their business or loses their jobs. That is why he ran from Ontario like a little girl and moved to alberta getting rid of his disgusting looking "mansion". 

If you pay attention at all you will see #chrissky post more fear and fake propaganda than the mainstream media at times. Chris sky doesn't even know to read legal documents properly and gets called out very quickly on twitter. Today we are seeing that his instagram account may have been shut down for good!! 

I am not about the "cancel culture" or any form of censorship but chris sky is a a prolific fake news super  spreader(he is the variant), his nasty looking fake wife looks even worse up close and that is disturbing to see... This activist fad is coming to an end for these people because they seem to really be grasping for relevant content to post on a dialy basis. Next year things will get better and daily there are more people not allowing the government to control them,  but these groups make it harder for normal people to live their lives in peace. Protestors are out grifting and causing attention in the news makes and that makes the govenment lock things down even further, making new bylaws and take away freedoms.. All because of the so-called "freedumb" fighters.

This makes me wonder, has chris sky has taken notes from trump on how to devide and not conquer??, while uniting other people on twitter that want to go after chris sky and his scams. Donations go to living the high life, getting a new house in alberta, traveling and NOT starting the social media platform that he had promised all of his sheep followers. 

So please take a look around before you follow a group so blindly and DO NOT donate to anything unless you do all the proper research. We will continue to keep an eye on everything chris sky does and update as we can. 

Have a merry christmas and a happy new year!!!